The main idea behind this blog is the conviction that we can create a better world, from our respective personal and professional experience, sharing the knowledge/experience and making it available for every body.

1.- The knowledge is a social common and it has to return to the entire society
2.- I have the conviction that we have to share and discuss all the knowledge and information. We have the obligation to be critic with the institutions that we instituted.
3.- I have (Paraphrases of C. De Gaulle) come to the conclusion that Science is too serious a matter to be left to the scientists.
4.- In the society the order of the things it is not the order of the nature. It is simply the order of the power. We can change it but first we have to understand it.

Welcome to the open idea, the MOOC.

Please visit:

UDACITY & Coursera  &  Miriadax for those who love the spanish.


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